Free and/or Open Source
  PC Apps:
  ♦   Oxygen Office best open office
  ♦   Kingsoft or Softmaker free office suite
  ♦   PhotoFiltre or photo editors
  ♦   Audacity audio recorder and editor
  ♦   Foobar2000 Hi-Fi Music Player
  ♦   VLC or Potplayer Movie Players
  ♦   Ywriter for authoring books and movies
  ♦   Ccleaner cleanup fixup speedup
  ♦   Start Menu for Win7, or Windows 8, 10
  ♦   Burnaware for writing CD and DVD discs
  ♦   VNC for remote control
  ♦   Caffeine keeps computers awake
  Internet Software:
  ♦   Pidgin Messenger for Yahoo, FB, Gmail
  ♦   Firefox Internet browser
  ♦   Slimjet Speedy internet browser
  Scam Reduction:
  ♦   Ublock Reduce ads, also blocks scams
  ♦   Unchecky for safer software installs
  ♦   Open DNS also blocks some scams
  Malware and Virus Removal:
  ♦   Avira Free Antivirus
  ♦   Super Anti-Spyware
  ♦   Spybot Search and Destroy
  Anti-Spy (anti-identity-theft):
  ♦   Ghostery safer surfing, for desktop PC
  ♦   HTTPS Everywhere for safer connections
  ♦   Yahoo Mail Safety Upgrade for safer Email
  ♦   TinyWall anti-egress firewall